What Is a Living Trust?

This estate-planning tool can help your assets bypass the probate process and stay private.

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What Is a Power of Attorney?

All adults should have this essential legal document.

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What I Teach My Kids About Money

Here are five key things about money that I’ve tried to instill in my children.

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Think Twice Before Letting Your Adult Kids Move Back In

Lay some ground rules before giving your adult children financial support.

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The Best Money Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

Don't restrict yourself with a budget. Instead, create a spending plan to figure out where you want your money to go.

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Generation X: It’s Not Too Late to Take Control of Your Finances

Here's how to shake your slacker status and take charge of your money.

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My Biggest Money Regret: Not Talking to My Mom Soon Enough About Her Finances

I learned the hard way that family money talks need to happen sooner rather than later.

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