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Let’s face it: Talking to your parents about their financial situation can seem downright daunting.  After all, they might not want to discuss whether they’ve saved enough for retirement, how they plan to pay for any long-term care they might need, or what happens to their money when they die. So how do you have these essential family financial talks? Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk offers a practical guide for helping adult children have those difficult conversations.

"Huddleston provides an excellent step-by-step guide to navigate what can be time-consuming, uncomfortable conversations."

 Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post Color of Money columnist

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About The Book

I know how hard it can be to have conversations with your parents about their finances, but I also know how necessary they are.  My mom was 65 when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease – I was only 35. I didn’t have any friends my age whose parents already were having memory problems or needing help with their finances. So I navigated the difficult process of talking to my mom about money issues on my own and eventually had to make all financial decisions for her.

This book draws on my experience as both a financial expert and a daughter who has had those essential money talks with a parent. Full of practical advice from my life, from others who’ve had the “talk,” and from financial, legal and elder care experts, Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk offers the following:

  • Hope that these conversations can happen without being uncomfortable or unproductive through stories from those who successfully had the “talk.”
  • A variety of conversation starters and strategies for people whose parents are reluctant to open up.
  • Advice on what not to say.
  • A detailed list of information to gather from parents and explanation of what legal groundwork needs to be in place.
  • Tips on talking about more difficult topics such as long-term care.
  • Cautionary tales from people who didn’t have conversations with their parents.

Designed for people at all income levels—wealthy, middle, and lower—the book helps anyone understand the ins and outs of their parents’ finances because they might have to help manage these finances one day. Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk is the essential guide for having productive financial conversations with parents that lead to meaningful action.

“Don’t wait for an emergency to strike to talk to your parents about their finances. You need to have these conversations now, and this book will help. Cameron Huddleston takes you by the hand and walks you through process step by step.”

-Farnoosh Torabi, host of the award-winning So Money podcast

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"An excellent step-by-step guide to navigate what can be time-consuming, uncomfortable conversations."

- Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post

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