How to Talk to Your Parents About Their Stuff You Don’t Want

These tactics might get your parents to pare down rather than pass on their stuff to you.

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Why You Should Monitor Your Parents’ Finances—and How to Do It

New research show that missed payments can be an early sign of dementia.

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Kids, We Need to Talk

What to do when your adult children don’t want to discuss your finances.

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Are You a Bad Kid for Putting Your Parent in Assisted Living?

You shouldn’t feel guilty about moving your parent to an assisted living facility or nursing home.

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What It’s Really Like When Your Parent Has Alzheimer’s Disease

My mom's decline over the past 12 years has been long and difficult.

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How the Pandemic Can Help You Talk to Your Parents About Their Finances

Using current events can be a natural way to have money talks with parents.

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Why You Need a Will Now More Than Ever

If you want a say in who gets what when you die, you need a will.

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Why You Need a Living Will Now More Than Ever

This essential legal document lets you spell out what sort of end-of-life medical care you would or would not want.

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How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Sanity

These seven tips will help you survive telecommuting during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Keeping up With the Joneses in My Kid’s Classroom

How I deal with my son's desire to have everything his friends have.

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